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    Predeterminado Penello admite que no supieron explicar las características de Xbox One

    En una entrevista con Adam Sessler, comenta que si algo tuviese que rehacer sería una mejor "traducción" de las características del sistema, que lo que desean es ofrecer una experiencia digital mejor que la de su competencia y que espera que las características que tenían en mente pre-bajadadepantalones puedan implementarse en un futuro.

    Aquí la entrevista:

    Y aquí algunos puntos interesantes recabados en NeoGAF:

    *"We want to make an awesome next-gen box that will make the Xbox 360 immediately outdated."

    *Xbox One Instant switching experience -- a way to modernize gaming; All games are loaded to hard drive; faster. Can play game before it's fully installed and/or do other things with the Xbox One's system features (like watch a video).

    *"Loading screens will probably be up to the developer." -- But they overall want to see it reduced and/or gone.

    *"(Sony's) doing things in their hardware to make it best that they can. We're doing things to our hardware to make it the best that we can. I don't believe the difference between these systems will be as significant as comparing individual components. How is it that a 400 HP Porsche can be faster than a 700 HP Corvette?" -- Overall it's balance and trade offs and it'll come down to the games.

    *Putting something in/on the box = adoption. Developers ask questions involving support when you don't put the feature in/on the box.

    *Kinect Features: More face recognition, more precision. Not have to worry about what controller you're holding and/or what side of the screen you're on during local multiplayer gaming sessions. Multiple users logged in at one time. Instant unique profile & saved game loading based on kinect recognition. We got to prove that (this) is worth it to the gamers.

    *Some people don't fully know the features we are giving -- "Are you looking at the info we publish about our system?" Some people aren't doing that.

    *If we could redo one thing, it would be giving the system's features a better translation. I think with time that people will continue to understand what we are trying to do. We want to give people a better digital experience in comparison to iOS & Steam. There's a certain point though in which you have to listen to the consumers and give them what they want. We'll see if the features we introduced pre-180 (e.g.: family sharing) will come back...

    *We put the hooks in place for special digital download offers. It's up to how things go as well as what the publishers want.

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    Es igual, desde el e3 de la única consola que se habla es de one así que parece que están enmendando la #pedazodemierdadereveal que hicieron

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    Si encuentran una manera de implementar al antiguo sistema sin atropellar el derecho de los consumidores a hacer lo que nos venga en gana con los productos que compramos... no me importaría.


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    Si encuentran una manera de implementar al antiguo sistema sin atropellar el derecho de los consumidores a hacer lo que nos venga en gana con los productos que compramos... no me importaría.
    Pues existe una manera, muy sencilla y que ya la comenté antes de que cambiasen las políticas y que de hecho Major Nelson (creo que fue él, y si no otro de los jefazos) dijo que era posible hacerlo. Con poner la opción de activar/desactivar los chequeos cada X horas se soluciona todo.

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    Si, fue Mayor Nelson pero nunca dijo que fueran a hacerlo.


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    Tampoco he dicho que dijese que fuesen a hacerlo. Lo que digo es que la hay, y admitida por ellos mismos.


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